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Concerned Veterans for America: Defend Freedom Tour coming to Pensacola Beach

The Concerned Veterans for America Defend Freedom Tour is coming to Pensacola Beach on October 13, 2013.

CVA is promoting honor, service to the country, economic freedom, fiscal responsibility, keeping our promises to our veterans, and action and mobilization for the betterment of our communities, our nation, and the future of our children.

The Concerned Veterans are especially excited to be examples encouraging our veterans, friends and families to be ever vigilant in continuing the fight for freedom, liberty, and independence in civilian clothes that so many of our brave men and women fought for in uniform.

The event kicks off at 1pm at the Beach Ball Pavilion on Pensacola Beach (right next to The Dock), featuring local, regional, and national speakers including highly decorated CIA officer Gary Berntsen of Jawbreaker fame and veteran of the war in Afghanistan.  Musical entertainment will be provided by local Pensacola artists Civilized Natives.  Complimentary pizza and drinks will also be provided during the event.

So come out to Pensacola Beach on October 13 for a day of patriotic celebrations and action.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Joint the facebook event page here.


JJ Smith: the Balladeer

I naturally met JJ Smith at McGuire’s Irish Pub in Pensacola a couple years back.  Kilted in the tartan of the Lamont clan, JJ runs a show that is not just a folk music performance but a bit comedic shtick as well.  His crowd-interactions make for some of the evening’s high points.

JJ’s style stands out from the majority of the singers I’ve met on the Irish pub tour in several ways.  To begin with, his personalized renditions of the classics reveal significant blues, and American country music influences, which bring the Celtic style home to the American South.  Live, JJ’s makes use of a lot of bass runs on his guitar which often helps to add a subtlety and a sense of motion outside of the songs’ basic chord structures.  (ReadMore)

The Pine Hill Haints – Ghost Music in a Punk Scene

I went to Sluggos this past weekend to check out the Pine Hill Haints, a bit of a modern day jug-band that has accrued quite a following since their 2000 debut.  Such an innovative musical concoction as the Haints has an appeal much broader than the “folk-punk” category they are often associated with.(Read More)

Sneak Preview - Lojah's 4-Song Sampler for 2013

  There are a lot of plans in the works for 2013 and assuming that the Mayans are wrong, I look forward to a prosperous and exciting year ahead.

I have just entered the studio to begin work on my newest project of acoustic folk tunes and pub songs to be released in the coming year to kick off Lojah’s 2013 pub-tour.  I have just completed the first concept session and I have decided to post a four-song sampler for listener review over the internet.

Go on over to and take the time to review the tracks Dicey Reilly, Black Velvet Band, Looks Like Jesus, and Miss Constance.

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Rich McDuff: Pioneer of the McGuire’s Music Scene

Rich McDuff is Northwest Florida’s most popular Irish folk music performer.  With a loyal and regular fan base, Rich helped build and define the music scene at McGuire’s Irish Pub while performing there for more than twenty years.

Although the moose-kissing tradition at McGuire’s predates Rich’s arrival on scene, he is responsible for writing the accompanying, and now entrenched “Kiss the Moose” song.  He explains “When I began playing here, asking a first-time patron of McGuire’s to kiss the moose might be met with a bit of confusion and resistance.  The traditional aspect was lost on them.  I figured if there was a song to go along with it, it would give the tradition a bit more validity for first-time visitors to the pub.  And it has worked out pretty well.”  Now every act that performs at McGuire’s plays this song, and the moose-kissing tradition has expanded to include not only the moose but a couple other McGuire’s fixtures as well.

Rich is also known for pushing the bounds of the debauchery which is naturally a part of the McGuire’s slogan.  His “Dirty Limerick” song, played to the classic mariachi tune of “Cielito Lindo” contains rhymes that could even surprise a hip-hop fan.  Many of Rich’s regulars eagerly look forward to this point in the evening, awaiting their opportunity to share the stage with him and recite their own limerick, specially prepared just for this song.  The best and most classic limericks are written on a scroll and tucked away in the secret archives, only to be taken out upon the performance of this tune.

Even more entertaining, energetic, and amusing is Rich’s version of “Seven Drunken Nights,” with extended responses - a wee bit too naughty to be written down here.  This point of the night is when you are likely to see the most crowd participation.  This rendition of the classic Irish song is memorable, if not for the increasingly lengthy responses, but the reactions and looks on the faces of new comers to the McGuire’s scene.

Crowd interaction is a major part of Rich’s act.  You never know just where the night will lead or how ridiculous the antics are likely to become.

Rich’s set also contains a few American country, and acoustically played classic rock songs familiar to everyone.  As a classically trained guitarist, Rich McDuff’s musical talent becomes most apparent when he plays a traditional jig or reel or the occasional classical guitar piece. 

Rich’s revolving schedule alternates between the pubs in both Pensacola and Destin, Florida.  While he is away, his regulars in Pensacola always look forward to his return.  Some will even make the drive to Destin to see him when he is performing there.

You should come and see Rich McDuff at McGuire’s Irish Pub in Pensacola, and Destin.  It will be a night to remember.

For more information on Rich McDuff, and dates visit his website here.

“Finnegan’s Wake” - Performed by Lojah

I’ve always loved Irish folk music.  Amongst my favorite tunes has always been “Finnegan’s Wake.”  For those who have not yet viewed my links, you may not know that I am a musician myself who has performed as "Lojah." Here is a video of me performing "Finnegan’s Wake" at McGuire’s Irish Pub, in Pensacola, Florida with Larry Kernagis of Def Leprechaun.

You can checkout my website here!


Larry Kernagis: Nashville’s Chief Leprechaun

Larry Kernagis is distinguished as the Chief Leprechaun of the Nashville based Celtic band cleverly named Def Leprechaun.  With a full repertoire of classic Irish folk and drinking songs, Larry also tours as a solo act.  I was fortunate enough to meet Larry at McGuire’s Irish Pub in Pensacola, Florida this summer.

Read More at God Drinks Beer!

McGuire’s Irish Pub; a Pensacola Landmark

McGuire’s Irish Pub is a Pensacola landmark, rich in atmosphere and tradition.  Located in the Old Firehouse at 600 E. Gregory St. Pensacola, Florida, McGuire’s boasts; “Feasting, Imbibery, and Debauchery 7 nights a week.”  Themed as “a turn of the century New York Irish Saloon” McGuire’s features nightly performances of traditional Irish Music and sing-along.  Such artists of note include Rich McDuff, Dun Aengus, and Cahir O’Doherty playing a majority of classic and traditional Irish folk music.

Established by McGuire and Molly Martin in 1977, but only located at Gregory Street since 1982, this pub has a few traditions that have grown up with it.  The ceiling and the walls are covered with over 1 million one dollar bills, signed and donated by the pub’s patrons.  In the evening hours and later, as the debauchery gets-a-going new comers and those overcome with that Irish spirit may be called up to kiss the moose as the featured artist sings the traditional moose-kissing song.

As a restaurant McGuire’s serves lunch during the day and dinner until the wee hours of the morning and employs some of the hardest working wait staff in Pensacola.  Dining at McGuire’s is always satisfying, with large portions such as a nacho plate piled up the size of your head.  And the quality is top of the line. 

McGuire’s is a winner of numerous awards including Beef Backers “Best Steaks in Florida,” for their USDA Prime Beef steaks.  It is also an 11 time Golden Spoon Award Winner, and a Florida Trend Magazine Hall of Famer.  McGuire’s has also been featured on the Food Network’s Outrageous Foods during which the “Big Daddy Burger” made with bacon, cheddar cheese and jalapeno peppers was created.


McGuire’s is also celebrated for its selection of beers.  They proudly display a quote by Carrie Nation; “Life’s too short to drink cheap beer.”  McGuire’s operates an onsite brewery where are created a selection of quality ales and porter.  They include a light ale, Irish Red, Raspberry Wheat, Porter, Stout, and root beer.  They also brew and serve a rotating variety of seasonal ales.  Visitors may tour the McGuire’s Brewery and home brewers are offered a sample of McGuire’s own brewing yeast for use.

The bartenders are always friendly and offer quick service.  They pour 1½ oz shots and double shot martinis.  McGuire’s is the home of the aptly named Irish Wake, a green concoction served in a mason jar with a green and a red cherry, so potent that no more than three are allowed per customer per visit.  Amongst its many awards, McGuires with its 8,000 bottle wine cellar is also the winner or the 2009 WineSpectator Award of Excellence.

To new folks, the McGuire’s layout may cause some initial consternation. 
Much like Dr. Who’s TARDIS, McGuire’s seems to be bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.  Like Disney World, much of McGuire’s is virtually unseen from above ground, with 400 seats throughout several different themed rooms.  Then there are the bones of Bridget McGuire ...

McGuire’s is a regular stop for many celebrities and politicians who live in or pass through Pensacola, including 2008 Presidential candidate John McCain.  This is a fantastic pub in which to be a visitor or a regular.  With good food, good drink, and great atmosphere, you won’t be disappointed.  Just be sure to pay close attention to the restroom signs when ye stop by.

Visit McGuire’s website here.

Delia Stone Jewelry

Delia Stone is one of Pensacola, Florida's top jewelry artists.  Winner of multiple awards and published six times in the national jewelry maker’s magazine Step by Step Wire, Delia’s techniques are adapted from the styles developed in ancient Egypt, Phoenicia, and Peru.  Delia explains that contrary to popular misconception, wire work is indeed an art.  It has just been a lost art for thousands of years and is finally re-emerging to take its place amongst the world’s aesthetics once again.

Along with the ancient and timeless techniques of history’s greatest civilizations, Delia’s signature Victorian era Needle-lace work, which she helped popularize amongst today’s jewelry artists, is characteristic of her great attention to detail.  Her Green Corn stitch, inspired by her experiences in a traditional Muskogee Creek Stomp Dance society is especially popular amongst Native American style artists.  Delia likes to work with precious and semi-precious stones; labradorite, ammonite fossils and carved bone.  He work is bound exclusively with precious metals by cold-connection techniques, without glue or solder.  These diverse influences and natural flowing techniques give Delia Stone’s work a timeless character that is both classical and modern.

A lover of nature, Delia first began making wire jewelry in 1991 by wrapping polished stones for friends and family.  Initially she made her pieces to give away as gifts as she developed her unique style.  Knowledge of her work grew and Delia subsequently began receiving orders from people eager to commission and purchase her work.  Being self-taught, Delia had to seek out and conceptually deconstruct the many styles and techniques she has since made a natural part of her art.  As her talents developed she quickly began receiving requests for hands on jewelry lessons which inspired a line of Delia Stone original tutorials and a series of formal classes.  

Delia looks forward to teaching others what she struggled on her own to learn, giving her students something she never had; a professional foundation and instruction on basic to advanced techniques, encouraging the continuance of her craft for the future.  She has taught wire-wrap jewelry classes all over the Southeast, and currently resides in Pensacola, Florida where she offers group classes and individual instruction by appointment.  Delia firmly believes that to become a professional artist, one only need take their work seriously and understand the value of bringing a vision to life.

Awards:  Current as of November 2010

Troyfest 2004 – Merit Award
Troyfest 2005 – Merit Award
Greater Gulf Coast Arts Festival Heritage Arts  2008 – Award of Excellence
Festival on the Green 2010 – Third Place
Troyfest 2010 – Seven Purchase Awards
Williams Stations Day 2010 – Merit Award and two Purchase Awards

Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival Heritage Arts 2010 – Award of Excellence

Publications:  Current as of November 2010
Step by Step Wire Magazine 2005 – Wire Works Gallery Pages
Step by Step Wire Magazine 2007 – Wire Works Gallery Pages
Step by Step Wire Jewelry 2008 (Summer Issue) – Featured Tutorial: Needlelace Caged Pendant
Step by Step Wire Jewelry 2010 (Spring Issue) – Wire Works Gallery Pages
Step by Step Wire Jewelry 2010 (Summer Issue)- Wire Works Gallery Pages

Step by Step Wire Jewelry’s special issue: Best of Wire 2010 Featured Tutorial:  Needlelace Caged Pendant

Visit Delia Stone's Website at

Dun Aengus; Irish Music and Revelry

Originally posted at GodDrinksBeer

The first time I met the Irish music duo Dun Aengus was at McGuire’s Irish Pub in Pensacola, Florida in March 2010.  It was the last night of the Renaissance Faire and a handful of us met up at the pub for a drink.

They were a great band that night, playing a lot of the classic Irish drinking songs I’ve grown to love.  I would have gone up to the pub to see them again but they were on tour and leaving for south Florida the next day.

I caught up with them again this past St. Patrick’s Day, once again at McGuire’s.  They were rocking the house with popular Irish and Scottish tunes and a few popular American classics for good measure.  Just like last year, Dun Aengus had the crowd enraptured, gathered on the floor in front of the stage dancing with wild abandon to these classic sing-alongs.  The Irish was certainly high that night (read more at GodDrinksBeer)

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